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Gallagher & Company’s property management division is a service-oriented organization dedicated to providing the highest standards in building management. Our management personnel are trained to develop positive relationships with the tenants and building owners through planned meetings and functions. Emphasis is placed on coordination of a tenant relations program that continually reviews the quality and extent of the services offered to retain and attract tenants. A tenant evaluation will be conducted semi-annually to evaluate the quality of services and identify areas for improvement.


Gallagher & Company’s operational experience in conducting all facets of building operations for New York State agencies and major developers is unprecedented. The experience and education of our key personnel is unparalleled in the industry. Christopher Gallagher it should be noted was responsible for the management of over 8,000,000 square feet of office and industrial properties prior to co-founding the company. The success of the management operations is based on hiring the best personnel available and providing the training necessary to provide a highly motivated team comprised of individuals with positive attitudes and the desire to do the best in their position.

24-hour, 7 days week coverage will be available with response times guaranteed less than one hour for any repair or special request.

Gallagher & Company supports each of its clients in meeting its objectives by providing services in a timely and economic manner, with the least amount of disruption and interference to others. These services can range from repairing a pipe to pruning a tree, from acid descaling a toilet to keeping an office cool and comfortable. Each of these activities is monitored through Gallagher & Company’s Work Control Center.

The Work Control Center is a staff activity directed towards arranging, scheduling, prioritizing, assigning, coordinating, reporting, and assuring work. The Work Control Center improves productivity by using a measured work approach, which sets times for each job.

The Center centralizes communications and information so the people throughout the facility remain constantly informed. It also offers a way to monitor and control all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work. Because of the nature of maintenance work with personnel moving all over a facility, monitoring otherwise would be difficult. It also saves maintenance time through pre-planning-getting parts and materials, planning a job determining what to do obtaining clarification from the requester, etc. It improves customer relations, it provides data for top management decision-making, and is essential to the performance of any facility.

Typical responsibilities of the Work Control Center include daily upkeep of the computerized maintenance/management system, preventive maintenance, inventory control, tool room operation, work order control, work identification, energy management, regulatory compliance, communication systems, assigning priorities, snow removal space utilization, emergency management, construction coordination, renovation coordination, complaint analysis, and preparation of trend charts.

As indicated in the company profile sections, Gallagher & Company is recognized to be one of the fastest growing property management firms in Upstate New York.

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