Gallagher & Company

Gallagher & Company is a national professional real estate services firm, specializing in commercial and industrial real estate with emphasis on New York State properties and luxury resort homes. Through our real estate advisory services, we provide real estate brokerage, consulting, and property management services as well as site acquisition, site planning evaluation, cost analysis, site preparation costs, and feasibility studies to the real estate industry.

Gallagher & Company is recognized as the fastest growing real estate brokerage and consulting firm in Upstate New York.

Our specialties include: real estate consulting, financial analysis, marketing, property management, and brokerage activities and development.

Gallagher & Company is prepared to take on a variety of assignments including all types of real estate feasibility studies, coordinating building operations, portfolio/asset management, or specialized management, consulting, brokerage, development. The company guarantees top-shelf performance on everything from site planning, market studies, and real estate brokerage services to arranging for ongoing maintenance and capital improvements for all types of real estate.

Our Windham, New York office specializes in Sales and Rentals of residential and vacation properties. Gallagher and Company also manages the Quads condominium development comprising 67 units, and the Crystal Pond Townhomes development, a 97 unit planned development, both located in Windham, NY.

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